Shabar Mentoring with Teresa Liebscher


Have you completed the Shabar eCourse, but looking for more mentoring in Shabar ministry? You can schedule a two-hour mentoring session with Teresa, and bring all of your Shabar ministry questions. This live mentoring session will take place via Zoom.

Please schedule your mentoring session within three months of your purchase, and after you have completed the Shabar eCourse.

Thank you for your honesty:
This purchase is good for one person – please do no share your log-in information.

If you are a leader and would like to show the training with an in-person group (in the same room, not online), you may purchase the item at the regular price and add $10 per person. 



Would you like additional Shabar mentoring with Teresa? This 2-hour Zoom mentoring session is available. You may buy one, or one at a time, or several up front.