The Shabar Ministry was founded by Teresa Liebscher in 2002 in answer to the needs of healing people with shattered minds (Isaiah 61:1). Through her own healing process with the Lord, Teresa has gained wholeness and authority in this area.

The Shabar Ministry applies these powerful truths and principles, which the Lord has shown Teresa, and she continues to share with others.

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,

because the Lord has
anointed me
to proclaim good news
to the poor.

He has sent me to bind up
the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom
for the captives
and release from darkness
for the prisoners…”

isaiah 61:1

Looking for healing

Shabar is a ministry to individuals who have continued to have inner healing ministry and yet cannot hold on to their healing. This ministry is not a first grab tool but is a process to use toward the end of the inner healing process. 

This is a testimony of a person who experienced the Shabar ministry:
“I have received ministry for two broken ‘places’ about 8 years ago. But, the incidents connected to those broken parts were still painful and scary for me. So, on the way home from your Shabar training, my ministry partner and best friend and I did Shabar ministry with those two parts. It was amazing – and I’ve seen LOTS of good, effective prayer ministry. This was beyond my expectations.

It became apparent that these parts, deeply buried, carried the actual memories of the events where these deep wounds occurred. When I allowed myself (which wasn’t often) to remember the events, they were vivid and painful. I remembered in too much detail. The tone of voice. The actual words spoken. How my body felt. I avoided recollections of the events because I knew that a flashback-like experience would accompany those memories. I forgave, again and again, in an effort to find healing for those memories.

The most significant thing that happened is that now, after Shabar ministry, the memories themselves have changed. I still remember the events, but now, the memories are ‘softer’ The jagged details seem far away. Not dangerous. I still know how I felt and what was said but I don’t re-experience those sensations and emotions anymore. When Father took those parts of me, He created a boundary of protection between me and the memories.”

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Teresa Liebscher

Teresa Liebscher founded and has led the Shabar Ministry of Bethel Church since 2002. She is now offering training for the Shabar ministry.

Teresa has been a teacher of the Sozo Ministry since 1997. She has been traveling and teaching Sozo Basic and Sozo Advanced seminars since 1998 and has recently been leading the Bethel Sozo Sacramento team.

Her passion for connecting the body of Christ to Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit is an ever-increasing love of her life.

If you would like to contact Teresa, you may email her at teresa.liebscher@team.bethel.com.
(There is an active email link at the bottom of this page.)

Occasionally we are asked how to make a donation. If you would like to make a donation to Teresa’s ministry, you may use the button below. In the donation site “select fund” dropdown menu, select Teresa’s name.  

Teresa Liebscher, co-leader of Bethel Sozo & founder of Shabar Ministry

Other Resources

by Teresa Liebscher


Life After Integration is a view of what happens when a person has been integrated after a life of being shattered or broken into pieces. 

The book is not the process of integration, but what to expect following the process of becoming whole. 

Life After Integration is an encouraging view of what can be an amazing journey of discovering who this healed person is, what life can hold, and developing a healthy relationship with the God-head. Life After Integration discusses all the different areas of an integrated person’s life not only from the moment of integration, but what to expect for oneself and the life that is inherited. There is also discussion of family, friends, and church family reactions to this new healed individual and developing healthy relationships.


Within the ancient book of Job there are keys to inner healing.

The enemy often uses seasons of suffering as opportunities to speak lies about God, yourself, and your situations. If not confronted, these lies can create life-long wounds.

Traditionally, the book of Job is read as an account of suffering. But Teresa Liebscher, co-founder of Sozo, invites you to see this ancient Biblical text as an invitation to powerful inner healing through defeating the enemy’s lies and maintaining strong connection with God.

As you encounter Job through this revelatory lens, you will experience healing from past hurts and become positioned to face any trial with God’s supernatural power and divine perspective!

Learn to…

  • Identify and reject strategic lies the enemy uses during difficult times.
  • Recognize the difference between godly counsel and ungodly opinions in people who give advice during hard times.
  • Strengthen your connection with God instead of running away from Him during challenges.
  • Receive freedom from religious deceptions such as “God sends pain to fix us” and  “suffering is directly linked to our sins.”

Discover the path through suffering, and embrace wholeness on the other side! Unlock your healing within the book of Job! 


SOZO Saved | Healed | Delivered

For too long, the popular understanding of Christian salvation has been limited to securing a place in heaven. Sadly, many Christ-followers experience constant defeat during their time on earth.

Something is missing. Power and victory flowed through the New Testament Church because the early Christians understood how to live out their salvation in a way that impacted every area of their lives— spirit, soul, and body.

In SOZO, Dawna De Silva and Teresa Liebscher provide revelatory teaching and miraculous testimonies that paint a stunning picture of how to experience Heaven’s freedom in every area of your life. Salvation is not simply a ticket to heaven.

It is abundant life that begins now…and continues forever. In this book, you will receive practical tools to deepen your relationship with the Triune God—Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit; victory strategies to help you disarm lies, break harmful patterns, shift spiritual atmospheres, and access the often-unreached realms of abundant life; and keys to experience inner healing by breaking addictions, overcoming obstacles, and walking in sustained deliverance.addictions, overcoming obstacles, and walking in sustained deliverance.


Trainers: Dawna De Silva and Teresa Liebscher

  • Break free from unhealthy lies and mindsets.
  • Establish a stronger connection to Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.
  • Close access points you have open to the enemy.
  • Heal traumatic wounds and memories.


Trainers: Dawna De Silva and Yvonne Martinez

  • Heal traumatic wounds and memories.
  • Break free from familiar and territorial spirits. 
  • Bring wholeness to you body, soul, and spirit. 
  • Use prophetic deliverance to break off demonic assignments.


Trainer: Sue Elliott

  • Learn how to lead children into healing, freedom, and connection with Jesus.
  • Training for parents, children’s ministers, and Sozo ministers. 
  • How to teach kids what forgiveness is and isn’t.  
  • Sozo tools modified for children and youth.


Teresa Liebscher is the founder and leader of the Shabar Ministry which began in 2002 in answer to the needs of healing people with shattered minds (Isaiah 61:1). Through her own healing process in the Lord, Teresa has gained wholeness and authority in this area. The Shabar Ministry applies these powerful truths and principles, which the Lord has shown Teresa, and she continues to share with others.


In the final chapter of the book of Job, God indicates that Job has spoken what is honest and correct about Him.

What does a right and honest relationship with God look like?

Teresa Liebscher answers that question and gives you tools to maintain His presence around you like a bubble. It’s His very presence that has a profound effect on not only you but everyone around you!


Have you wondered how David could apply the truths and promises of God even in the midst of negativity? David knew Father God would be his shield because he’d been through hard times before and had seen God come through. 

In this message, Teresa Liebscher encourages you to be honest with Father God and allow Him to come and be your shield.


From an inner healing point of view, letting go of issues is what enables us to “put our hand to the plow and not look back.” When we are healed, we are able to follow Jesus without having to deal with past issues, and we can allow Him to be the cornerstone of the Kingdom of God we proclaim.


Have you thought about what it must be like to see for the first time after being blind all your life? Often, life after receiving inner healing is similar to seeing for the first time. The experience of living life from a healed place can bring new reactions and sensations. 

What is it like to interact with people? How will your family and friends respond to your healing? How will you experience life differently after an inner healing session?

This message explores answers to these questions by looking at the story of the blind man who is healed in John 9:1-38. We will examine the parallel experiences of those who receive inner healing and those who receive physical healing and discuss the changes that happen in life and relationships after being healed.


When reading Job, it becomes evident that we have the same wounds, lies and excuses as people did thousands of years ago. If we recognize the modern-day relevance of the Book of Job, it can be used as a revelatory and empowering inner-healing book. The lies, wounds, and excuses are the same; and so is the “advice” from friends and family. As we relate with Job’s struggle and come to the end of the book, we receive an opportunity to encounter God, His viewpoint, and His transformative healing.


Walking in Connection Flash Drive is a collection of five teachings/sermons that deal with developing a connection with the members of the Godhead and then learning about how to walk in life with that connection.

Father God’s Shield shows how a person learn about God’s shield in their life.

Bubble with Father God talks about the bubble of God’s presence around you.

Burying the Past reminds us to let go of the past and go forward with life.

Seeing for the First Time is sharing about a healing and how people react the first time.

River of Healing has 3 sermons dealing with learning about an honest relationship with Father God.

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